Digital Technologies, Housing and Brain Health

Date: Monday, November 7, 2022
Time: San Francisco: 7:00 – 9:00am UTC -8
Dublin: 3:00 – 5:00pm UTC

The move to a “smart society” of interconnected information, devices and services is well advanced. Challenges such as COVID-19 accelerated an existing transition to new ways of living, working, and interacting with each other—and increasingly the concept of the digital transformation of the urban environments is on the agenda of businesses, policy makers and the public at large. But what does this mean for society as a whole—our health, our communities, and our brain health? 

How do we strike the balance between digital innovation supporting community and individual wellbeing, and being a replacement for it? How do we ensure the vulnerable in our society can be supported through this transition and share in its benefits? And how can we integrate technology to better understand, measure and protect our brain health across the life course? This Brain Health & Housing Seminar will examine these questions and what the move toward smart cities means for housing provision and brain health.

Speakers details to be confirmed shortly.

About the Seminar Series

The Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) and Respond are delighted to co-host a series of seminars which will advance our understanding of brain health as it applies to housing design, care provision and homeless services. Seminars are bringing together leading brain health and housing experts to examine:

  • The design of housing services in the context of ageing and dementia.
  • Promoting brain health, across the life-course, and developing sustainable communities.
  • Equity, brain health and housing. 
  • The human perspective of brain health issues for both housing service users and providers.
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